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A stunning VIDEO. Introducing, Jesus Christ

The American Holocaust Memorial;  Explore the frightening correlations between the NAZI holocaust and the holocaust of abortion.


Online hymnal. Sing along, hum, listen or just read the words to timeless hymns.

America's Christian Heritage; The politically correct crowd would have your kids and us believe that America is a secular nation founded by secularist and or deists. Nothing could be further from the truth. Explore our rich and blessed Christian Heritage that is unique in all of human history.


The Real Truth; A one page site that indexes multimedia presentations of some great ministries and preachers.


The Noah's Ark Project

The Seven Wonders of the World

Non-ministry related. 
I collect Old Radios and I like antique cars.  
Here is the complete Riders Perpetual Troubleshooting Manual Online FREE! in PDF format.
Here is the complete Chevy Parts Catalog No. 11 and Chevrolet Parts Illustration Guide No. 11A  1976 Edition.  Online FREE! in PDF format. (Lots of 60's stuff in here)
Here is the complete Rochester Quadrajet 4MV 4MC Service Manual Online FREE! in PDF format.

The next 3 links here takes you offsite to a ton of GM manuals
BUT they are NOT in downloadable PDF format.

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On-line Ditzler Automotive Color Chip Library:

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